I am looking for enthusiastic undergraduate researchers to join the Global Change Biology lab in spring 2018
The students will join an indisciplinary project on climate change biology of Oedipodinae grasshoppers ( MUOP project ). The students will get experience with public outreach, field work, GIS mapping and analyses, specimen curation, laboratory methods, genetics and genomics, and bioinformatics.​​

Each undergraduate student will be the leader of one of the following parts of the project:

1. Web design and outreach. This student will design and maintain the project website and social media, design artwork, and communicate with the public. 

2. Specimen curation and photography. This student will collect, photograph, and preserve specimens, maintain databases, and prepare collection protocols. 

3. GIS analyses. This student will conduct various GIS analyses (using ArcGIS and R), including range map digitalization, spatial analyses, and climatic niche assessments. 

4. Generation of genetic data and bioinformatics. This student will extract DNA, generate DNA sequences and libraries, and conduct phylogenetic analyses 

Interested students can contact me at [email protected] Please, send me the following:
a) description of your research interests, expertise, and which part of the project (above) you are most interested in.
b) contact of two references (e.g. your teacher, mentor, or supervisor)